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Who are you?

“My name is Maria Antonia Zambonelli, but since I was born everyone has called me Trilli! I am the owner of CAR, the car dealership founded in 1961 by my father. We were born as an Alfa Romeo dealership, but from 2009 we started to add to our car range the other brands of the FCA group, such as Jeep, Lancia, Dodge and Ram, although our “cuore alfista” has remained unchanged. Let’s say that for the last 60 years we have tried to accompany Bologna on its automotive journey.”


What does CAR do? What is your corporate mission?

“Our core business is the sale and repair of Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Jeep cars, but in the short term we will also start working with the commercial vehicles of the FCA group.

As far as the sale to the public is concerned, we can provide turnkey cars or rental solutions, but we always try to remain faithful to our philosophy, which always focuses on seriousness in our work and transparency towards the customer.

Those who decide to rely on us can be sure to find a structure that has as its basis ethics, fairness and care for the customer.

In addition to the field of new, of course, we also deal with the sale of used guaranteed: we buy both from customers and from the various channels dedicated, so we can always provide products to km0 or used to propose to customers. For the sale of this type of cars, we have opened a dedicated office in Via Dell’Industria, where we also sell cars of the Mitsubishi brand. So, if I had to define CAR’s mission, it would be to always guarantee the most seriousness in every aspect, as well as, obviously, a commercial competitiveness that is essential in a sector like ours.”

How did you get to the DumBO District? And why did you decide to be a part of it?

“It wasn’t a decision we made overnight, but one that matured gradually:  DUMBO and we are logistically close, so initially we saw it as an opportunity to expand our spaces.

With time, however, we got to know the people who “make up” the District, the various projects that have been carried out and that are in the pipeline, and we decided to support them because we find ourselves in all the values that they apply in their work.

Also from the marketing point of view, coming to DumBO was a great opportunity. We have never relied on trivial communication, trying instead to help culture by sponsoring events, exhibitions, concerts and shows that could be interesting for Bologna’s cultural scene.

Last year for Arte Fiera we even hosted an artist in our dealership, Felice Nittolo, who flooded it with paint and artwork! I am convinced that the spaces we use can be a great place for mixing and influencing various artistic sensibilities.

Can you believe that once at the dealership we had a day with the “sfogline”? More than twenty-four hours rolling out the pasta, and then donating all the proceeds to Ant! [see photo].

In short, I try to communicate my dealership in a different way than the “classic” standards, making sure that our reality is known even by people not directly interested in cars.”

How will you combine your activity with the projects that will come to life at DumBo in the coming months?

“Last summer we were happy to be able to participate in the DumBo Summertime evenings: they were a really nice moment of entertainment, and being able to exhibit one of our cars in a context so far away from that our industry was a really nice opportunity.

To be honest, we are suffering a lot this moment of impasse, with no contacts and fewer relationships, but we are also preparing a comeback in style for when the situation allows it! In September, we’d like to bring the Jeep track to DumBO, a giant installation with tracks designed specifically to highlight the off-road characteristics of Jeep vehicles. The customer in this case will have a central role, because he will personally get behind the wheel together with qualified instructors, who will help him to overcome climbs and descents at breathtaking gradients, logs … In short, if we could bring this installation to DumBO it would be really something incredible!

The large spaces we can find in the District lend themselves well to this type of initiative, stimulating the search for ever new solutions and experiences.”

What are your attentions to the theme of Green and environmental sustainability, which will become increasingly important as time goes by?

“Unfortunately or fortunately, since we are not producers but only distributors of our products, we have to align ourselves with the logics decided by the companies we represent.

In recent times, the FCA group has also embarked on a path towards sustainability and attention to green, and for this reason we are also trying to direct our customers towards electric or plug-in products (a mix of electric and thermal propulsion), which can have a low environmental impact.

We must not hide the fact that the path ahead will be long and complicated, but if approached gradually and progressively it could have important effects. It won’t happen overnight, because people have to change their mentality and it’s something that can’t be decided at the table, but in a few years we could be used to go shopping leaving our car attached to a power column.

Precisely in this regard we are making videos, tutorials, to help our customers learn and internalize these new habits.”

Last question, the interview went well! So, if CAR was a song, what would it be?

“Definitely an Italian song: I strongly believe in our country, and today more than ever we need to support each other, to “team up”. The right choice could be “Vita spericolata” by Vasco Rossi, which by the way is from the area so it fits perfectly!”




Trilli Zambonelli tel: 051/520707

Email: trilli.zambonelli@carbologna.com
Website: www.carbologna.com – www.carbologna-fcagroup.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarBologna/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carbologna/

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