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The Project

DumBO (which stands for Distretto Urbano Multifunzionale di Bologna) is a temporary urban regeneration space. In Bologna, almost 40,000 square meters of the old freight yard Ravone, owned by FS Sistemi Urbani, are available to the city. Sheds and open areas, in via Casarini 19, destined to culture, art, social activities, music and sport for mixed and always different activities, in close relation with the territory. A place where associations, business companies and citizens collaborate and contaminate each other. 

DumBO offers the possibility to rent single spaces, suitable for infinite destinations. Spaces to renovate, available to accommodate different needs. A short distance from the city center, the bus station and the train station.

Creative Shared Regeneration

A place available to accommodate and encourage new ideas and artistic and creative expressions. A temporary multifunctional space opened to the city. A project that brings together social integration, entertainment, culture, experimentation, sustainability and collaboration between different realities.

The old rail yard place, which remains the property of FS Sistemi Urbani (Gruppo FS Italiane), is temporarily licensed for 4 years. The management is by Open Event srl, a joint venture composed by Open Group and Eventeria. The area includes 6 buildings, with a total area of over 18,000 square meters, plus 20,000 square meters of outdoor space. The access is in via Casarini 19.

Scientific Committee

The DumBO project involves a strategic area of the city and its strong experimental connotation, as an example of temporary use of spaces open to the territory and citizen participation, led to the creation of a Scientific Committee with consulting functions, whose work consists, in particular, in supporting the method and the path of co-design of activities and use of space.

The Scientific Committee includes, in addition to Open Event, the managing entity:

Comune di Bologna, Dipartimento Cultura e Promozione della città

Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana

Legacoop Bologna

Performa Architettura + Urbanistica

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