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Eden Park Zone Bologna

Who are you?

“Everyone calls me “Lillo”: I am the president of Eden, an amateur sports and social promotion association that deals with underground sports, circus arts, climbing. In general, we like all the so-called niche sports.

These sports are born in the street, and hardly have suitable facilities to train safely: that’s why we created here at DumBO some facilities to practice, preparing to welcome the sports and cultural scene in Bologna and beyond.”



Let’s go deeper: tell us about this “special” gym, and about who works there.

“Eden was born 15 years ago, from a group of guys who met daily to do parkour, when this discipline was still very young and practically unknown.

From these informal meetings was born the need to train and to find a place less risky than the road, continuing to do tricks even in the coldest or rainiest periods.

The “historical group” then got busy, looking for gyms to hold courses: at that time I joined the crew, like many other people who practiced the most disparate disciplines.

For six years we “lived” the Oz Bologna, a structure now known by all, moving more than 6 thousand members each year. There we created an event of international importance, the Prototype, in which the best athletes representing the world of parkour took turns.”


Over time we added climbing and the skatepark, opening up to skaters, rollers and bmx: we were doing 33 different activities! Then, after the advent of Unipol, we had to move, recreating another reality in San Lazzaro di Savena: this time the square footage is smaller, two thousand square meters.

Now we’re buzzing with excitement for this new adventure in DumBO: we can’t wait to finally get off to a 100% start! At the moment we have taken possession of the Bay, with some circus equipment and a small structure for parkour, but in a few days the new skate and capoeira courses will start.”


Which sports will you be bringing to DumBO?

“A structure that we are going to build is the one useful for all circus activities, which will be well 15 meters by 5: it will be multifunctional, with ropes, fabrics, trapezes… We want to create a double area, a performing one and a training one, an artistic residence for all those interested. This would be the most important thing for us, because it is the aspect that we lost when we moved from Oz to San Lazzaro, as we no longer had the space for performances and audiences.


Other projects we have in mind are the creation of a parkour competition with national relevance, a street area designed and dedicated only to skateboarding and a mezzanine that can accommodate other disciplines such as capoeira and dance.”


In short, Lillo, you have a lot on your plate! But among all these aspects, what is the common line of Eden Park, your style?

Also in this case we can say that we are multifaceted, because our style is the union of those of all the people who are part of Eden Park. This is the cool thing about our association, which connects the underground style of the street with the more artistic style of circus disciplines, with the still different style of climbing… This is the strength that has led Eden to be what it is now.

The common thread of all our disciplines is the competition with oneself, always aimed at improvement, and the sharing of one’s experiences to create something that has value for the community.


What is the mission of Eden Park?

Our mission, our goal, is to reach as many people as possible with our philosophy: we are athletes who struggle to understand how to push their bodies to the limit and to try to create something artistic.

We want to work in synergy with the society around us, involving all the young people who find themselves a bit lost, without goals, and who need inspiration to express everything they carry inside.


You find us in total agreement! But why precisely here, at DumBO?

“Compared to the other realities I’ve come into contact with, here I felt much more trust from people: this is the right place to start again, to recreate what we’ve shown we can do in the past.”


Last question, and probably the hardest: what if Eden Park was a song?

It’s a loooong way to the top, if you wanna rock ‘n roll! [sings].

I started when I was 24, now I’m 33… I’m so happy with all the way I’ve come along with my friends! The ‘top’ described by AC/DC is for me the realization of what you have in my mind – that’s the greatest satisfaction.”



Website: https://www.edenparkzone.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdenParkZone/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edenparkzone/?hl=it

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