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Migliorare con l’età

Officina – Bologna Attiva

Migliorare con l’età” (“Improving with age”) is a motto but also a wish addressed to you and to our work: it is used for people, but also for good wine! For us, it also refers to the work we have chosen and the memories we capture every day. The more time passes, the more the printed images and moving memories gain in value, becoming stronger and more vivid.


Who are you? What do you do? What do you do?

Hi there! My name is Federico Landi, I have a degree in Architectural Engineering, but I have been working as a photographer and videomaker for seven years now. Together with Valentina, who is also a photographer and videomaker, I created “Improving with Age”, which deals mainly with events and weddings. During university, I became interested in contemporary art, which had always been a bit of a mystery to me: approaching this world made me move away from engineering. Today, I am generally involved in visual art: I use photography in the canonical sense and try to manipulate it, as well as video. As for my personal research, I definitely have a great interest in urban space and architecture, topics that interest me also thanks to my studies.


And what is it like to take wedding photos? Was it a choice of compromise?

No, no, no… weddings are one of the most stereotypical and clichéd areas there is, so we try to create a story with a strong influence on photography. What we try to look at are all those moments that tend not to be told because they are messy or unpolished, but actually, tell a lot more about the people and their personalities on that day. We’ve had weddings that didn’t go to plan, maybe with torrential rain, and in those moments of disaster, when everything doesn’t go as it should, the shots are much less mundane and more revealing! I like to see what’s going on and people’s behaviour. Another very nice thing is that you go to people’s homes at those times, and it’s in those places that the real family relationships emerge, even if only for a few hours, and to be able to tell them sensitively, without trying to recreate an idyllic cover love, unreal, is very interesting.

As far as the video part is concerned, I try to adopt an unconventional kind of storytelling by being inspired by the nature of space, turning the point of view upside down in the telling of people’s actions and starting not necessarily from the wedding, but from space.


“Getting better with age” on the other hand is your general approach to work, to life?

To everything! It is a wish, a hope, a goal.


How did you find out about DumBO? As an outsider, I guess you had an idea about the space. By living it every day, were your expectations fulfilled?

Well, I was already familiar with DumBO from all the events that have taken place so far. I found out about the coworking space from a friend; I didn’t have any expectations, but I hoped they would be, so, for now, I’m very happy: there’s a nice environment that influences me positively, I’m having fun and at the same time I can be very focused on my work


Last question! Tell us a song that represents you and your business?

I have two! “L’ultima festa” by Cosmo and “Gli spietati” by Baustelle, I would say these two.



Website: https://www.migliorareconleta.com/home


ig: https://www.instagram.com/mr_fede/

ig: https://www.instagram.com/migliorareconleta/

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