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Publics ICC

Officina – Bologna Attiva

Publics ICC works with cultural operators to help them boost their performance indexes through shared strategies, novel content and diverse tools. Publics, publics, people. Diversity and specificity, but also the needs and objectives of cultural actors: it is this plurality that gives shape and substance to our idea of enterprise. ICC is a Creative Cultural Enterprise because enhancing the material and immaterial cultural heritage and building creative and generative processes of public development are the challenges of this activity.


Hi! Who are you? What do you do?

We are a young (but very conscientious!) innovative start-up, born in 2018 from the experience of the founders, Dario, Brunella and Davide, who combined their professionalism to devote themselves exclusively to marketing and communication services, and to the applications of innovative technologies to the culture sector. We deal with everything that is culture: we imagine the best strategies for cultural operators by offering them marketing and communication services, graphics and web design and virtual technologies, 3d, immersive to enhance their communication or the fruition of the cultural offer.


And why did you choose to dedicate yourselves to cultural heritage?

A little bit for vocation, a little bit for personal passion: we also come from the world of music, Davide and I have a past as musicians, even if unfortunately we had to give up doing something else… even if we were a great trio! In short, we have knowledge of the world of music and culture in general, and we bet on culture, which is a sector that is lagging behind in adopting this type of service. We managed to win calls from the Ministry of Culture that allowed us to set up what we are now, and from there we have always just turned to the world of culture.


What is your mission statement? What are the values that guide you?

Well, we are a bit particular: yes, we work in communication, but we don’t like to expose ourselves personally. Our values are humility, consistency and the ability to give value to our customers. It’s not our style to make big, loud messages, but rather to find value and communicate it. By the way, we’re a group of young guys, so we care that people come first before businesses. Another value that we steal and make our own is “rich company, poor entrepreneur”: we are young poor entrepreneurs who try to make their company rich not only economically, but also in professionalism and experience.


Have the expectations you had for DumBO been met so far?

Honestly, it’s too early to make any real evaluations, because this experience has only been around for a few months. So we have to be a bit more cautious: what is certain is that we are already very happy and we are very happy to live in this space. As we have said from the first moment, we would like to be not just simple tenants but protagonists of this process, capable of making a contribution to growth, that can make this a centre of services, also international, for the world of culture.


Difficult question: have you ever thought of leaving your job and doing something else?

Brunella: No! For me, it’s just the opposite. I became a mother very recently, 7 months ago, and I went right back to work, and I could never give up this job despite having a small child.

Davide: No, not me, I’ve never thought about leaving this job. Managing a company is complicated but it’s also rewarding, it’s a challenge.

Nico: No, actually, neither have I, it’s what I wanted to do, I like doing it, it’s stimulating, it’s a challenge every day. But I think it’s rare to find a job that at the end of the day makes you say: “Today I feel satisfied because I did this”. It’s a rare case.



Website: https://publicsicc.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/publicsicc/

Ig: https://www.instagram.com/publics_icc/


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