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BackBo is an association with the aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable development, and wants to do it from the bottom, with the organization of workshops on creative recycling of plastic, and a service of reusable cups as an alternative to disposable ones. It calls itself a circular economy hub that facilitates the transition to a zero-waste Bologna. 

The group was born in May 2018 from the idea of recovering the practice of returnable empty food containers, which is particularly efficient and sustainable. The starting idea has been developed and adapted, but the mission remains to overcome the disposable culture and transform it into the reusable culture, putting into bottom to top practice of circular economy solutions.


  • Returnable glasses: designed for events, festivals and shows organizers, provides a service of rigid plastic cups “disposable and reusable”. When you buy your first drink you also get a glass that can be reused for further drinks. At the end of the event you return it, collecting the deposit or leaving it if you prefer to support the activities of the association. The glasses are durable and suitable for many washings in the dishwasher, reduce environmental impact and raise awareness among customers, at the same cost of the infamous disposable glass, they bring a great saving in terms of waste disposal and environmental sustainability.
  • Workshops: the hub embraces Precious Plastic’s mission to transform disposable plastic into infinitely reusable items. Using a variety of machines, including an injector and a 3D printer, BackBO recycles single-use plastic and transforms it into sheets and objects of various kinds. In the workshop activities are carried out for schools or laboratories, raising awareness of sustainability issues.



The team is composed of a group of volunteers who, as they write on the website, “devote time and heart to the project. We are incurable dreamers convinced that you’re never too small to make a difference, and that often it’s the simple daily gestures of many to change the status quo. Our hub is open, dynamic and inclusive. We happily share knowledge, tools and techniques and are always looking for new insights and creative minds to join the team. Everyone can participate in our activities and anyone can join BackBO.”


Contacts: info@backbo.it


Concrete actions for a zero waste Bologna

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