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Fairbnb.coop is a cooperative platform for tourism that finances local initiatives and projects, it is an alternative to the widespread forms of tourism booking, which wants to give value to people and the development of territories instead of profit. The group that created it is composed of a dozen people who have chosen to form a cooperative.

The cities in which Fairbnb.com is already present are Bologna, where DumBO has its headquarters, Barcelona, Valencia, Amsterdam, Venice and Genoa.

The promoting groups started as a movement in 2016, with the aim of creating an equitable alternative to the rapid transformation of tourism platforms from a tool for homeowners to a tool for owners of entire buildings or major real estate assets, generating gentrification phenomena, making it difficult for students and workers to find long-term affordable rentals.

Fairbnb.com has two goals: to limit the negative effects of excess tourism and to reinvest a portion of the commission in social projects in the area. In more touristy cities, it applies the one-host-one-home rule to prevent large properties or agencies from inflating the market; thus, it promotes a more sustainable tourism industry and provides travelers with a more authentic experience.

For every transaction made, the commission – equal to 15% – goes 50% to pay for the work of the platform, while the remaining 50% is donated to social projects in the area, for the benefit of the community.

The working group is based on cooperativist principles, with the goal of creating collective action, developing a platform as a common good that can include travelers, hosts and local communities.

The fairbnb.com Manifesto

Contacts: info@fairbnb.coop, +39 389 0931063

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