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Maia Store

Local, sustainable, good food. Order your groceries online and get them at home or stop by the store to pick them up. Don’t have time to cook? We’ve got it covered. A community of people is waiting for you every day with ideas and stories to tell. 


Who are you? What do you do?

We are a group of professionals from Bologna and a company from the Marche region, and we reach out to a group of small producers around the world, enabling them to transform directly what they grow. It means that we go to milk producers and make them able to transform it directly into cheese, cereal producers that we put in the condition to transform it into pasta and so on… but this is only the first step!

The next step is training small producers in the use of this equipment. This is a consolidated activity and today we have three hundred, four hundred plants around the world. And it is in this context that the Maia Store project was born!


What is it about exactly?

Maia Store is a container within which exclusively local products and exclusively from small local producers come together. Products that are proposed directly to the local community and purchased both online and in presence. What we add is (and this is the real novelty), the inclusion of a kitchen within this container to further transform these products into takeaway food.


Tell us a little bit about the idea you have for your activity at DumBO: what will the Store be like?

People will be able to find what they are used to looking for in farmer markets, only instead of having it once a week, here they will have it seven days a week, from 10 am to 7 pm, ready for pick up! We would like to build a community where we can share product information with producers, where we can organize tastings and events to tell and activate connections between producers and consumers. And we also really believe in the ability for people to order online: that allows us to get organized in time, get the best fresh produce and ensure maximum customer convenience.


Who are your producers? How do you choose them?

We are visionaries and we need partners who share our visions. We started from the crucial and most critical element, which is fresh produce, the most complex and important part of our daily diet. We selected three farms located in three different areas, therefore with different vocations of production. In order of proximity, we have the farm Ca’ De Cesari, with land in the bottom of the Savena valley, Giovanni Montanari’s Podere Terra Viva in Valsamoggia that has beautiful fruit plants, and the Bio Pastoreria farm in Ro Ferrarese.

We have an important partnership with the Golinelli 1975 company in Molinella, a historic company in the world of meat processing, included in the circuit of the white veal of the Apennines: Over time this company has also developed a very important production of orthodox Bolognese gastronomy, so we chose to turn to a true professional of quality production. We will alternate his basic preparations with the work of our chef Dario Dei Rossi.


And why DumBO? What brought you here?

Maia needs visibility and accessibility and it needs a vision. Frankly, when I saw DumBO I had a hard time thinking of a more suitable place for the first Maia Store: we talk about community, urban regeneration, sustainability; so let’s say that the type of users who frequent this environment is also perfectly in line with our ideal interlocutor.


You can buy Maia’s products here: https://maiastore.giustadelivery.it 


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