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Pomilio Blumm

Officina – Bologna Attiva

Pomilio Blumm is a leading pan-European public communications agency on an international scale. With decades of experience serving more than 200 institutional partners around the world, Pomilio Blumm operates through a multidisciplinary approach that draws on neuroscience, semiotics and data science. Leading an independent network of 103 offices in Europe and beyond, the company has a team of 7,300 people, with experts from 39 countries and working in a wide range of languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

Unique expertise, a dynamic team and an optimal mix of hard and soft skills make Pomilio Blumm a leading player in the world of integrated communications, both in Europe and globally. Among the five European communication companies with the most contracts for Assortis and first in the rating of the artificial intelligence platform C4P.io, Pomilio Blumm is a leader among institutional communication companies in the ranking of the ‘fast-growing companies 2021‘ of the Financial Times and fourth in the advertising area.


Hi! We know you’re part of a much larger group, tell us more!

Pomilio Blumm is an integrated communications company. We deal almost exclusively with communication for institutions, mostly European ones, so from the Parliament and the Commission to specialized Agencies, and a whole series of other subjects such as delegations, international organizations, ex-European or transnational ones, and a certain number of Italian institutions. We do 360 degrees communication: strategic services, design, campaigns, many events, digital, social media, media relations… a little bit of everything you can find in an institutional campaign. The head office is in Pescara, and in addition to the Bologna office, we also have offices in Rome, Brussels, Alicante and then other nuclei, even more, or less temporary local offices that we open in the places where we have to work.


And here in Bologna? What do you deal with?

We in Bologna are a detached group: the main office is in Pescara and there are others in many places: Rome, Brussels, Alicante… and then all the various nuclei and more or less temporary local offices that we open in the places where we have to work. In Bologna, we deal with the activities of analysis and research for strategic purposes, for the elaboration of projects or the ex-post evaluation of projects.


So what exactly do you do?

What we do is different from commercial communication, because we deal with the institutional part. So, as our boss always says, “We don’t sell products, we sell values”, intangible things, so there are types of projects that require an interpretive, study, research approach, even of a sociological kind. For example, on Monday we launched the Made in Italy campaign. It is a promotion of Made in Italy in 26 countries with the Farnesina, an enormous campaign, which will be released shortly in Italy.

We have worked for Italy, for ISTAT, on all the things of the census in recent years, we have done things with INAIL, the G20 ministries and an event at the Colosseum. On the other hand, at the European level, we have done communication to promote European votes, to promote certain programs of the Union and what Europe does with funds, especially in countries that are not yet part of the European Union.


And with all this work around the world, why DumBO? What drew you here?

Before coming here, we were already in a community situation, namely the Greenhouses of Giardini Margherita, where, however, we did not have the possibility of having isolated offices, but only individual locations. And now we continue to grow! We went from one to two, then four, soon to be six, so we needed a space that was isolated but within the context of a community experience.


And what do you expect to find in our District?

We expect to be inside a place where ideas, ideas and relationships circulate informally. Due to the size and characteristics of the company, we don’t necessarily need to collaborate in the strict sense of the word and to collaborate with other realities on specific projects, but from a professional point of view, being inside a place with a great exchange of ideas is certainly positive. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



Where to find them:

Website: https://pomilioblumm.eu/en

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