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Hi! Tell us about who you are.

My name is Marco Caporali and I’m in charge of managing the food and beverage activities in the entire DumBO district area. For a few months now I have been in charge of Officina Bistrot, which I manage directly as the manager of the venue.


And what is Signature?

Signature is the company that manages the catering for every event that takes place within the DumBO area. It was founded recently, at the same time as DumBO. In addition to taking care of the catering side of the business – i.e. supplies, set-up, bar food & beverage service – we also deal with event organization, and then with research, selection and training of personnel. The service we offer is more related to the whole big spaceship of DumBO Summertime, which requires a lot of staff and flexibility.


Having opened the Officina Bistrot as well, that was a turning point, right?

Yes, absolutely! As far as the Officina’s offerings are concerned, we focus a lot on our workhorse: cocktails, in all their forms and expressions. At the same time, we have worked hard on a food formula, especially for lunches and breakfasts, with fresh proposals that change weekly if not daily, following the seasonality of the products. We should also not underestimate beer, which goes very well with the industrial, regeneration and at the same time informal context of our spaces.


A question arises spontaneously: why did you choose DumBO for your bistro?

I think that DumBO is one of the most fascinating realities of all of central Italy, even at the European level. It is a large container that touches different areas and realities, interfacing with many types of work and services.


Come on, recommend a cocktail! What do people like the most?

Keep in mind that with cocktails we always try to renew ourselves, keeping the most appreciated ones and implementing others. So far, one of the ones that has gone best is called “La Pressa“, a twist on the Moscow Mule made with my favourite spirit, Mezcal, instead of vodka, and with the addition of a passion fruit puree and then closed with classic ginger beer. Another one that has been a big hit this summer is called the “La Chiave del 13” made with fresh grapefruit juice, gin and a tonic top.


If Marco were a song, what song would it be? What about the Officina Bistrot?

I would be “What’s my age again?” by Blink 182! The Workshop would be “Precious” by Depeche Mode.


One last question: is it possible to organize parties at Officina Bistrot?

Of course! Whether it’s a graduation party or a birthday party, we look forward to it: just write us at info@signaturedrink.it or call us at 3491246365.

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